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Sunday Soul | Courtney from 4th Floors

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Sunday Soul | Courtney from 4th Floors

I am a whole lot of energy packed into this human skin. ~~ Courtney-Celeste Fisch


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do Courtney enough justice solely by writing words about her, so I will do a PSA now and tell you all you must follow her on Instagram to fully appreciate the meaning behind her quote.

There are so many facets of her life that I can not put her into one category. I so relate to this. I totally feel the parallels of our lives. Three kids, works with her husband, interior design eye, fashion junky, lover of travel. She has recently launched her website because she so desperately needed her own creative outlet as did I when I launched Milou and opened up our first storefront. On top of all of this, which is where that ball of energy helps, she is a yoga fanatic, health worshiper, and skin obsessed. So, you can clearly see where I look to her for inspiration. Oh, and she’s totally hilarious, has a huge heart, and let’s it all roll off. Still, I do not think I have described her enough, just go follow her you will not be disappointed. She also dances and drinks tequila.

- Lourdes, Founder & Creative Director at Milou

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