Milou started as the vision of Lourdes de Guardiola.  Lourdes is a seasoned professional equestrian show jumper that has travelled the world competing and training.  Her love of fashion, art, and home have always fueled her gypsy lifestyle.  Throughout her travels, Lourdes has always felt a strong connection to the arts and their artisans.  However, the importance of simplicity and convenience have not been lost on her and her nomadic family.  Wanting to bring a destination retail experience to Palm Beach is how Milou was born. 

At Milou you will find inspiration in our clothes from new, young, emerging talent. You will be able to collect a wardrobe that embodies the look of a well travelled woman.  Our curated collection of art and photography will no doubt bring an authentic feeling to your home.  Along with our staples, that will undoubtedly create your signature look, our accessories will offer you the constant change your creativity craves.


Contact us at miloupalmbeach@gmail.com for any questions, we're happy to help. :)