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Sol Di Ciurcio

Sol Di Curcio Sunday Soul

    She’s my girl, this one. And I’m so grateful she came into my life. When she did I told her that she was stuck with me in one shape or another whether she liked it or not.


    Daughter, sister, friend, family, muse I can’t give her a title in my life. She drives me crazy but most people that are worth it do. She reminds me so much of me but her heart is warmer and that’s what I really love about her.


    During this crazy time of life, when most people are rethinking their lives and looking for direction and their own meaning, she found hers quite easily and is driving full speed ahead. She’s combined her love of family and creativity to launch a completely homemade line of clothing with her younger cousin Bella. Bella Sol is more than just a clothing line. It’s every aspect of Sol that she lives daily all wrapped up into a totally organic product that sold out within its first hour of being available. Within this creative space she is being able to give back, by teaching Bella her love of sewing and fashion. She is able to interact with her community that she loves so much. She gets to showcase her passion for all things made with love.


    I’ve always admired how Sol is able to make any moment of her life a “moment”. She is careful and thoughtful and patient. When she goes to the beach, she “goes to the beach”. When she has friends come to her house she entertains them in a way that we all see on Instagram and other social media outlets. But she doesn’t try. This is just her. Sol is effortless.


    Part of me is jealous of the time that she has to let her free spirit soar. The other part of me always knew she had it in her. I’m so proud of this young woman and the sky is the limit for her.

 Sol Di Ciurcio

As told by Sol...

Sol's Top 5 Moments:

Beach Moment -

 “An all day beach day. I love to bring my “Sun In” for my hair for those perfect beach highlights, a great beach hat to cover my fave when I go for walks looking for shells, & some yummy healthy snacks to keep me hydrated, and spend an entire day by the water getting sun. I’ll usually head to the beach in the morning and bring Maté to drink in the afternoon.”

Palm Beach Sol

Polo Moment -

“Growing up in Argentina & Wellington, polo has been a huge part of my life. My favorite polo memories are with my family and being all together. I don’t go to as many games anymore but my cousin does play on some winning teams so this season has been fun to watch. I tend to gravitate toward the outdoors and Polo just lends itself to a wonderful and meaningful setting.”

  Sol Di Ciurcio Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot Moment-

“I do a lot of photo shoots for my website and for content that I create for multiple Instagram accounts. This season my favorite photo shoot photos were some I did with Cande, my sis in law. One evening we were at the beach and just spontaneously decided do a quick shoot. We chose to do a black and white shoot with no makeup and a white linen button down. It wasn’t for a job or anyone else, and they are definitely some of my favorite pics we’ve ever done together.”

Family Dinner Moments

“I love family dinners when my grandma is in town from Argentina. She brings everyone together with her cooking and her good energy. My favorite family dinner is when Mima (my grandma) cooks her homemade pizza and we all watch her and sneak in some of her famous pizza secrets. Those nights are just so full of love and we all go to bed full and happy.”

Music Dancing Moment-

“I’ve been going to the Hamptons since I was a baby with my family for Polo, and some of my most fun memories are there. On Mondays at Sagg Main Beach there is a “drum” party and we dance around a bonfire and order pizza and drink Rosé until the summer sun completely sets. This summer I danced with my Aunt Heather and cousin Bella. We had the best time and created amazing memories.”


Thank you, Sol.  Follow Sol at @thesoledition.
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